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The Mommy & Me Program provides a comfortable and safe environment in which pregnant and parenting women become familiar with pre-conception and prenatal health.  The program provides culturally competent staff members and consultants that teach, incent, and mentor the women to achieve healthy lifestyle habits that ensure a healthy pregnancy, sustain a healthy newborn, and produce a healthy effective mother.


The Program provides healthcare education and services for (primarily, but not exclusively) pregnant and parenting African-American women in San Joaquin County. The Program partners with business and community based organizations throughout San Joaquin County that serve women and families. This coalition of organizations serves together to provide incentives that empower women to achieve life goals and objectives. Prospective clients of the Program receive paper money ("Mommy & Me Bucks") for each positive action taken toward health education and self-empowerment, such as keeping prenatal medical appointments, attending parenting classes, enrolling in a course of study, or other life education classes and activities. The Mommy & Me Bucks collected allow a pregnant or parenting woman to purchase items for herself and her baby from the Mommy & Me Boutique.


The Program conducts healthcare education and parenting classes at least four (4) times a year.  The classes are attended by a mix of client referrals from various agencies serving women and children, such as the Maternal Child Health Program, Black Infant Health Program, New Hope Women's Shelter, and Family Ties.   By the end of one year, the Program will expand by purchasing more incentives to serve participants, will increase recruitment by 5% through vigorously marketing the program, and conduct periodic evaluation of the Program. The number of referrals and outreach contacts will be documented to determine the number of women who have participated in the program.  Prenatal and parenting classes that focus on disparities in and barriers to healthcare will be provided to 35-50 African-American and other under served women to assist in decreasing the infant mortality and prematurity rate. The Program will use incentives for the targeted group to participate in the program and document the number of clients served.  The Program can make a difference and decrease healthcare disparities among the African-American and other pregnant and parenting populations by providing a supportive and culturally competent staff, volunteers, and consultants that can identify the stressors in each client’s life (e.g., low income, drugs, domestic violence, etc.) that prevent a mother from making healthy choices for herself and her children and then to seek to resolve such stressors to enable successful outcomes.